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Haier AC usurps pranayama-esque exercises for healthy lungs

It’s the brand’s new campaign, where it pits the exercise regime against its AC’s clean air that keeps your lungs healthy.

The second wave of the Coronavirus has put everyone on edge. Lockdowns are imminent and people are thinking about their, as well as their loved ones’, health every two seconds. It’s not a pretty picture.

Haier, a leading home appliances brand, said in a press note, “With the rising threat of air pollution, aggravating the Coronavirus disease, clean and healthy air has become a necessity and not a luxury in today’s scenario.”

Keeping this issue in mind, it has released three new ads called `Mushkil vs Aasaan’, conceptualised and created in collaboration with Zero Zero Creative Solutions. The ads categorise simple exercises you’d perform at your homes, such as breathing or something on the lines of pranayama, as “the hard way to keep your lungs healthy”, and pitch the new Haier inverter AC as the better choice.

Why? Because the AC’s self-clean technology, along with UVC sterilisation, allow the consumers to breathe in clean and virus-free air.

Satish NS, senior VP, sales and marketing, Haier Appliances India, said, “Innovation and creativity have always been part of Haier’s DNA and it reflects in our campaigns. The idea behind this TVC is to establish a unique connection with our consumers and highlight the importance of clean air inside homes, especially in these challenging times of the pandemic.”

“Health behind doors has become a crucial matter and all our consumers are striving to choose products that help them stay healthy. Our latest range of inverter ACs is packed with such latest innovations that ensure clean and healthy air inside our customers’ homes.”

Kumar Subramaniam, director, Zero Zero Creative Solutions, added, “Our advertising campaign builds on the clean air legacy of Haier ACs and its particular relevance in these times. The campaign takes off on the insight that people go to extraordinary lengths to keep their lungs healthy. And some of the things that they do in their attempts to keep breathing healthy air sometimes border on the farcical. Our ads dramatise this in a way that would resonate strongly with the consumers.”

An interesting aspect of the ad is the fact that an Alexa is used to turn on the AC, instead of a remote.