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Havas Media Group India launches CONVERGED

It is an identity-based planning and buying platform that keeps the audience and consumer behaviour at the centre of the media process.

In light of the cookie-less future and an increasing focus on data privacy, Havas Media Group India has launched Converged – an identity-based planning and buying platform that keeps the audience and consumer behaviour at the centre of the media process. This is a forward-thinking and active step towards preparing businesses for the future by optimising and allowing for stronger insights, tighter targeting and a more consistent customer journey through the Group’s new operating system – Mx, which delivers media experiences through meaningful media engagement.

Converged fuels the Mx system at every step in the process. It enables the creation of addressable audience segments based on 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data and helps in generating robust audience insights. It helps build target audiences across channels and is directly connected to addressable media buying channels.  As Havas’ common data platform, this also enables analysis, which assesses the success of audiences selected in campaigns thereby linking to the sales performance.

Through a robust and thoroughly tested data management approach, Converged can seamlessly integrate disparate data sources from client's homegrown tech stacks into a single, easy-to-use system making that data available and accessible for media executions.

Converged is flexible, tech-agnostic, locally compliant and adaptable for clients. Using a rent-not-buy approach, Converged allows us to tap into the best data solutions in each market, thereby delivering solely on what’s right for the clients.

In India, Havas has collaborated with Eyeota, a leading data partner to global enterprises, & is planning on working with additional data providers to bring in further depth and insights. Converged, currently covers data from 16+ industries and traits classified by intent, interest, past purchase, owner/employment & socio-demographics.

Commenting on the launch, Mohit Joshi, CEO, Havas Media Group India, said, “Volatility and change are the new normal, at least for the next few years, and to make sure we are able to seamlessly navigate these uncertainties, we need to be future-ready. Converged is our solution for brands to continue to serve meaningful content to consumers throughout the customer journey and enable them to measure success against all metrics. The fundamental goal of this collaborative approach is to ensure that both the agency and client work in a data driven culture, where data sits at the heart of strategic and investment decision making.”

Rohan Chincholi, head – digital services, India, Havas Media said, “Leveraging Converged to help generate consumer insights and reach them throughout their journey has proven to be of great value to our clients. We’re excited to continue to launch with new clients and additional data sources to drive even more meaningful media experiences for consumers.”

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