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Have you read this colourful list of Holi ads? 

From mending friendships to keeping the child within you alive to ‘Chhota Bheem’, here are five must-watch Holi ads.

Holi is the festival of colours. But for various brands, ad agencies and marketers, it is the day to go one up on their rivals through the colours of their ads.

Every year, in the run-up to the festival, our screens are bombarded with ads, digital teasers, posters and whatnot from brands. This year is no different, and yet it is. It is the first year, since 2020 (when COVID struck), we will celebrate Holi in the open, than behind closed doors.

Here is a list of five Holi ads that, we feel, stand out of the crowd.

Ghadi Detergent

The ad, made by 82.5 Communications, shines much-needed light on arguably the most important issue these days, i.e., political polarisation. It is simple, but may prove quite effective to get rid of the stains of this (political) disease.

Surf Excel

From encouraging religious diversity to mending broken relations, Hindustan Unilever’s detergent brand has built quite a legacy of Holi ads. Some are celebrated, others are trolled, but that hasn’t stopped the brand from touting its famed ‘Daag Achhe Hain’ tagline.

This year, Surf Excel wants you to keep your inner child alive. It is a poignant ad, considering so many of us have stopped playing Holi in its entirety.

Seagram’s Imperial Blue

The Indian whisky is most popular for its ‘Men will be Men’ series. This Holi is no different. Featuring ‘Bigg Boss’ contestants Rubina Dilaik, Karan Kundra, Nishant Bhat and Umar Riaz, it best illustrates how a guy tends to behave in front of his guy friends, and in front of a girl.

Flite Footwear

"Holi khushiyon ka tyohaar hai, zabardasti ka nahi," says one of the actresses in the ad. It reminds us of all the unwanted incidents that take place every Holi because quite a few people tend to forget the importance of others’ consent and space.

Netflix India

We’ve no clue what was going on in the minds of the folks who approved this Holi film. YouTuber MyMissAnand, some kids and the show ‘Mighty Little Bheem’ celebrate the festival in this eight-and-a-half-minute ad.

Well, that’s a wrap. And, if you’ve stuck with us till now, what’s wrong with you? As Boney M’s 1979 hit goes, ‘Hooray! Hooray! It’s a Holi-Holiday’. Go play Holi or binge-watch something, please.

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