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Head & Shoulders promises 'germ free' scalp along with dandruff free

Ranveer Singh raps in a new challenge video on Instagram and says the brand keeps scalp free from dandruff causing germs.

For the longest time, Head & Shoulders touted itself as India's leading anti-dandruff shampoo. No more. The brand has now extended its protective coverage to germs too.

To promote its #ScalpSwagChallenge, Head & Shoulders partnered with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh who, once again, donned his Gully Boy avatar, and rapped for a good seventy seconds.

Singh voiced his angst about the state of his long hair during the lockdown and how he cant visit the stylist. The actor then proceeded to rap about the challenge, cutting his hair from home, and how Head & Shoulders shampoo ensure no dandruff in the scalp and remove germs too.

This line sums it up, "I wash my hair daily with Head & Shoulders that keeps my scalp up to 100% free from dandruff and germs."

The campaign, as the brand claims, is based on findings of consumer behavior during the lockdown, with restrictions on various amenities. The research outlined insights about consumers being unable to care for their hair adequately with not enough time at-hand; no access to hair experts for their regular haircuts and trims; hike in online consumer searches for cutting hair at-home and dandruff solutions, due to cases of heightened dandruff showing-up with build-up of grime and much more stress.

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