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Himalaya Pure Hands launches TVC campaign encouraging parents to let their kids explore!

This TVC campaign reminds parents to let their children explore and get their hands dirty without worrying about their hand hygiene.

Himalaya Wellness Company, one of India’s leading wellness brands, has launched a new TVC campaign, “Let Kids Be Kids,” encouraging parents to trust Pure Hands Tulsi Purifying Hand Wash for their child’s hand health and hygiene. This TVC campaign reminds parents to let their children explore and get their hands dirty without worrying about their hand hygiene. Enriched with the power of Tulsi, this hand wash from Himalaya provides 99.9% germ protection and has a pH balanced formula, giving children the freedom to maintain their hand hygiene and not compromise on adventure and fun.

Parents, especially in the past two and half years, are more aware that keeping their children’s hands clean is one of the most important ways of preventing illnesses. Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Purifying Hand Wash uses the power of Tulsi to provide protection with pure hands, while its pH balanced formula is designed for soft hands.

The new Himalaya Pure Hands TV campaign follows two siblings and their adventures throughout the day. Whether it is building a small kennel for stray puppies, making clay art, repairing their cycles, or helping their mother in the kitchen, they do it all with bare hands. Here, Himalaya reminds parents to not worry about how dirty their hands are, and instead, provide them with the protection their hands need, as they will be using their hands to achieve their milestones.

Commenting on the campaign, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, business director - consumer products division, Himalaya Wellness Company, says, “As a brand committed to spreading wellness and health, the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ campaign by Himalaya Pure Hands Tulsi Purifying Hand Wash is an integral part of our endeavor to see ‘Wellness in every Home and Happiness in every Heart.’ Our hope is to inspire parents to let their children explore the world around them and keep an eye on their hand hygiene at the same time, as they inculcate in them the habit of washing hands properly.”

Rajiv Sinha, brand manager - Consumer Products Division, Himalaya Wellness Company, says, “Our Pure Hands portfolio comprising of the range of hand washes ensures total hand hygiene for all our consumers. Seeing the world through the curious eyes of a child, this TVC encourages us to recognize how important it is for them to explore, build, create and learn with their hands. Through the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ TVC campaign, we wish to assure our consumers that Pure Hands is there to take care of their child’s hand hygiene, while they go back into the world and be their inquisitive selves without fear”.

Naveen Raman, senior vice president & branch head – South, 82.5 Communications, shares, “Our endeavor was to find the right balance between brand values and category codes. Protection is the foremost need in this category. We married it seamlessly with care and warmth, which are the true values of brand Himalaya. It was crucial to emphasize Himalaya's supremacy in herbal medicine strongly in the market promise.”

Sangeetha Sampath and Ravikumar Cherussola, group creative directors, 82.5 Communications, South, further elaborate, “Protection, in the post covid-era, is an extremely important need. It has become a part of life. Children, especially, need to be protected. However, childhood is for freedom and learning. Through this campaign, we want to show mothers that children can experience childhood at its best and still stay protected from germs, with Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Wash.”

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