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HK Vitals brings focus on real collagen with its new campaign film featuring Yami Gautam

The film distinguishes between real collagen and collagen builders & encourages customers to make the right choice.

Globally, Collagen supplements have established themselves as an integral part of managing the aging process amongst consumers & are a popular choice in their skin health regimens. There is a fast-growing acceptance in the Indian market both among male and female users.

While there is a virtual deluge of information, advice, products and services in the category, lack of proper awareness about choosing the right type of collagen continues to be a huge concern. Understanding the crucial difference between real collagen and regular collagen builders is the need of the hour.

With this insight, HK Vitals, India’s leading D2C Vitamin & Mineral Supplements (VMS) brand by HealthKart has simplified the narrative about choosing the right collagen by shining the light on the difference between real collagen and collagen builders.

The brand has launched its second campaign in the category today - “Real You. Happy You”. Featuring Yami Gautam Dhar, the campaign highlights the need to opt for real collagen to achieve healthier skin and long-lasting results.

With this film, the brand initiates a conversation to distinguish between real collagen and collagen builders.

Chella Pandyan, chief operating officer at HealthKart said, “I am very delighted to say that HK Vitals, has seen rapid growth owing to its innovative, effective, and contemporary offerings & collagen is a big focus for us. The Collagen market is still evolving and as a leader in the category, we feel it is important to educate our consumers about the importance of real collagen and its benefits.”

Commenting on her collaboration with HK Vitals, actress Yami Gautam Dhar said, “I am so happy to associate with HK Vitals for its new campaign- Real You. Happy You. What made me want to associate with the brand the most was their philosophy of being real. I appreciate that HK Vitals is taking the lead in educating people about the importance of real collagen in their skin health. HK Vitals Skin Radiance Collagen is already an integral part of my daily skin care routine."

Speaking about the new campaign, Neha Gupta, head of brand, HK Vitals said “Real You Happy You is all about dispelling the myth and breaking the illusion. It is the brand’s second campaign which enlighten consumers on different types of collagen products available in the market and nudges consumers towards the importance of choosing real collagen over collagen builders for effective and longer-lasting results. Yami's simple lifestyle and approach to beauty and wellness align with the values of the target consumers and our brand philosophy, making her the ideal partner for the campaign.”

HK Vitals has deployed a comprehensive marketing approach pivoted on education in promoting the usage of collagen in India through various channels, including collaboration with dermatologists and different content creators. To create awareness about the product, the brand has also deployed in-store education materials, as well as free single use samples to encourage trials in the category.

Agency Credentials: Freckledface Culture Lab

Team: Neha Gupta, Sanjita Israni, Apurva Chawla

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