Aishwarya Ramesh

Home is where it all begins, says IKEA's latest ad campaign

It showcases the different use cases IKEA's products have in a typical Indian household.

IKEA's latest ad campaign tries to mirror the reality that many of us are still living in. The ads take place in a household, where most members are homebound, either because they're working or learning from home.

Through short, 16 second ads, we see the way IKEA products are used, as the storyline unfolds. The ads not only showcase the range of products that IKEA has, but also gives the viewer an idea of how to use them.

Don't miss the ads that make references to work from home (WFH). In one ad, we see a son competing with his father for space to continue with his online classes. In another ad, we see the woman of the house getting a work call on her day off, mirroring concerns that employees have shown about work-life balance ever since WFH began due to the COVID pandemic.

There are also ads that reference common problems that people face in Indian households, drawing attention to the storage solutions that the company offers.

For a change, the ads do not portray a picture perfect household, but rather showcase the different ways houses get messy and how family members can use IKEA products to keep their spaces clean and organised. The longest ad in this campaign features the most important family member of them all, the family pet dog, a Beagle (in this case).

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