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HomeLane and Talented unveil the 'Bas Ghar Sajayenge' campaign

The films depict a homeowner's nightmare, showcasing both the beautiful and ugly aspects of interiors to make them relatable and memorable.

HomeLane, an interior solutions brand, has embarked on a journey with Talented to unveil a two-part ad series that redefines traditional home decor advertising by taking a commonplace metaphor very literally. While most home decor ads focus on the glamorous interiors, HomeLane’s latest 'Bas Ghar Sajayenge' campaign aims to be the most unglamorous home decor ad yet.

"The films are nothing but an unvarnished glimpse into a homeowner’s worst nightmare. They are completely familiar, and yet entirely foreign. They depict reality not as it is but as it appears in the minds of these homeowners. Hence, to make them feel painfully relatable, showing both the pretty and pretty ugly sides of home interiors became tantamount. The only guardrail was to make this campaign memorable. 'Sar khana' and ‘Topi Pehnana’ is the start of a creative device that we hope the brand can own," said Aarushi Periwal, creative and founding member at Talented.

Talking about the departure from the conventional portrayal of home decor, Sai Karthik, strategy at Talented said, “The truth is, when it comes to home improvement through interiors, the worry outweighs the excitement towards the outcome. The joy of getting your home done is never top of mind. Armed with this truth, it was important to focus on how the brand can make aesthetics accessible and enjoyable through efficient processes. The strategic shift, therefore, was to make efficiency an antidote for many unknown, unpredictable scenarios.” 

“Realisation before resolution is where HomeLane stood a chance. To compete with a largely unorganised market, it was important to make the customer realise the pain, before resolving it. Hence, the choice to spend no more than 20% of the duration on the brand became an easy one. To be a category leader, we can't afford to just talk about the creaking hinges, but the unhinged nature of the job that can be mentally infuriating to go through. To walk this fine line between real and surreal is how we can differentiate ourselves in the category”, said Udit Mediratta, CMO, HomeLane. 

Speaking of the role of brand, MS Dhoni remarks, “Home interiors, as a category, prides itself on the aesthetic value addition to a home. However, home improvement comes at the back of mistakes, anxiety, and a lack of knowledge—making a job well done an elusive milestone. Hence, to offer a solution that’s about making a homeowner feel good, not just look good, is of paramount importance. The film does exactly that… with a dash of humour to make this nightmarish rendition of reality palatable.” 

“Deliciously twisted and darkly funny.” Surjo Deb, the director who brought to life this vulgar reality of lived experiences continues to add, “This campaign was a thrill for us to execute at UBIK. Full props to the HomeLane team for backing the creative idea, and giving us the freedom to shape our vision of the film. We wanted to create a mood that was surreal and bizarre, reflecting the plight of the homeowners. It’s a world where the protagonist is trapped in a never-ending nightmare, and as the audience we get to have fun at their expense. This strange, almost Lynchian narrative is one of the most enjoyable campaigns we’ve worked on till date.” 

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