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How do you land your dream internship?

A LinkedIn user posted a self-made 33 second commercial for CRED, just to land an internship.

To land a dream job, the path is chronologically paved through a premium college, remarkable grades, punctual attendance, a CV filled with all the curricular activities.

But for the self-taught who operate and acquire skills outside the periphery of academics, to land a dream job can be tricky and riddled with obstacles.

One LinkedIn user, who is a self-taught motion designer and illustrator, decided to put up a creative show on the platform in a bid to land an internship with fintech platform CRED.

In a thirty three second animated commercial for CRED posted on LinkedIn, Karthig Saravanan put all his cards on the table, hoping to hear back from the brand. For better viewing, the video is also published on Vimeo.

The LinkedIn post is Saravanan’s attempt to showcase his abilities with design softwares. To make sure the post reaches the intended executives, he tagged the founder of CRED Kunal Shah, and Harish Sivaramakrishnan who is the head of design at the platform. The post has clocked over 25,000 reactions on LinkedIn with around 800 comments from other users.

The animated commercial starts with the introduction of the creator, and his purpose of making it. With a moderately high tempoed background music, the animation displays a CRED card, highlighting its uses and benefits. Between being able to pay with the card, and acquiring cred coins to claim rewards, the ad puts together all the necessary information about the product. 

To top it all off, the animation ends with a display of CRED logo, underlined by text that reads, “Full-time would be great”. 

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