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How The Great Khali’s life changed when he had KFC’s double down burger

KFC’s latest ad film features wrestler Khali eating #BurgersKaKhali and sharing some of his interesting hobbies.

KFC’s latest film for its Double Down Burger features The Great Khali pursuing some of his unique hobbies and having #BurgerskaKhali. In the ad, the wrestler shares that KFC Double Down Burger has in fact been the inspiration behind his new interests. In an instagram post Khali says, “kuch naya chakhoge, tabhi to kuch naya sochoge!”

In the ad, Khali can be seen pedaling on his grandmother’s old sewing machine and goes on to add that he has mastered the art of embroidery. In his peculiar tone, Khali says that he was bored of his mundane lifestyle and the same routine day in and day out. And then the moment of magic happened when he tastes KFC’s Double Down Burger for the first time and feels that his life has suddenly changed. It is then that he stumbles upon his grandmother’s old sewing machine and masters the art of embroidery.

“When the concept of the burger itself is so unique - upar chicken, neeche bhi chicken - how could I possibly stop myself from trying out unique stuff? You never know what I may try next,” Khali said in his post.

Makes you wonder what the KFC Double Down Burger is about. Well, it’s two crispy, juicy patties of chicken, holding together fresh crunchy veggies, layered with spicy sauces including Dynamite Mayo and Sriracha. And there is no bun to kill the fun. The unique burger is what chicken-lovers’ dreams are made of. It is also interesting to note that Khali’s IGTV video for KFC was able to get more than 2 million views in less than a day.

Since the past couple of days, the wrestler was seen sharing his unique hobbies to build upon his partnership with KFC. In one of the posts, he was seen playing with red balloon while the other one showed Khali experimenting with jal tarang (creating music with water).

Last week on Khali’s birthday we also saw, online food delivery app, Zomato send the wrestler a surprise cake. On its Instagram page, Zomato shared, “got a very special chance to deliver a birthday cake”. The photos uploaded on Instagram show the wrestler blowing the candle on his birthday cake.

What was interesting is that the brand wished him birthday in its signature quirky style. The caption on the cake read, “Sir, phoonk maar ke puri duniya ka birthday mana do.”