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Hrithik Roshan named as the brand ambassador of Peanut Butter brand Myfitness

The brand was recently acquired by Mensa Brands.

After being acquired by Mensa Brands, MyFitness which is a first-of-its kind and the fastest growing brand in the peanut butter category, has appointed actor and fitness icon Hrithik Roshan as its first-ever brand ambassador. Hrithik is widely recognised as a proponent of health and fitness and has amassed a significant following among the Indian population, which will assist MyFitness in expanding its product reach to a wider audience.

Hrithik’s reputation as a millennial fitness icon aligns perfectly with MyFitness's mission of a healthier lifestyle for one and all.

Ananth Narayanan, CEO and founder of Mensa Brands, commenting on the partnership, said, "We are excited to welcome Hrithik Roshan as our brand ambassador. Our shared dedication to the health and fitness community makes this collaboration even more meaningful."

Speaking on his association with MyFitness, Hrithik Roshan said, "My association with MyFitness Peanut Butter is more of a subscription to the brand values and its products - a rare combination of healthy and tasty. Personally, I admire their passion for creating healthier options when fitness enthusiasts want to indulge. I'm in complete alignment of their vision and look forward to being a part of their growth."

Hrithik Roshan and MyFitness are poised to ignite the market and offer consumers an assortment of tasty and healthy nut butters high in protein. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the brand.

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