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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 saw 17% surge in average ad volumes: TAM Sports

Vini product, the company behind Fogg deodrants, retained its spot as the leading advertiser for CWC'23 from CWC'19.

According to data by TAM Sports, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 witnessed a substantial growth in advertising volumes. The tournament also saw a drastic increase in the number of brands as well as business categories actively advertising during the cricketing frenzy. Compared to the 2019 edition of the world cup, the ad volumes per match saw a notable 17% increase in indexed ad volumes.

Indian matches, particularly in the Semi-Final and Final, dominated the ad volume share. Overall, during all matches of ICC CWC'23, there was a rise of 42% in categories, 3% in advertisers, and 34% in brands compared to ICC CWC'19.

The top advertiser for the tournament was Vini product, the company behind deodrant Fogg. Other brands trailing Vini product were FX Mart, Mahindra & Mahindra, Coca Cola India, and Hindustan Unilever, with Coca Cola India experiencing a substantial 2.7 times growth in ad volumes in ICC CWC23 over ICC CWC19.

Vini product was the top advertiser for the world cup's previous edition as well. However, Amazon Online India, KP Pan Foods, and Parle Biscuits which were the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest advertisers in 2019, aren't in the top 5 advertiser list of 2023.

The advertising landscape saw the introduction of over 55 new categories and over 215 new brands during ICC World Cup'23 in comparison to its 2019 counterpart. Across 48 matches, over 165 brands were advertising on both Regional and Hindi+English sports channels. The report points out that Phonepe was leading the list of common brands advertising on these avenues.

Among the top 5 categories, Ecom-Wallets held an 8% share of ad volumes, growing by 75% compared to ICC World Cup'19. Notably, Two Wheelers category witnessed an outstanding 42 times growth in ad volumes during ICC Cricket World Cup'23.

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) emerged as the top exclusive advertiser on Hindi and English language sports channels and Regional language sports channels during ICC CWC'23. "Phonepe" led the list of common brands advertised across both channels.

The report highlights the dynamic and evolving nature of advertising trends in major cricket tournaments, emphasising the strategic importance of reaching diverse audiences across different channels.

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