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ICICI Lombard launches 'Claim Your Calm', an AI-Powered digital campaign

The campaign includes three films, entirely scripted, edited and produced by artificial intelligence.

ICICI Lombard, a private general insurance company, has launched an AI-powered digital campaign titled 'Claim Your Calm' to promote mental well-being. 

In India, nearly half of all health expenses are directly paid by patients, creating an additional financial burden, especially during emotionally and physically stressful times such as when a close one is hospitalised. 'Claim Your Calm' highlights how adequate insurance coverage acts as a safety net, alleviating financial worries during challenging periods.

The brand has created a unique audio-visual experience, drawing parallels between insurance and financial security. The films on health, motor and travel transport viewers to a state of mental peace and comfort, depicting insurance as a means to achieve both financial and mental tranquility. Additionally, the campaign showcases ICICI Lombard's commitment to innovation. AI tools and platforms such as Midjourney were used in scripting, voicing, and visualisation. 

Sheena Kapoor, head- marketing, corporate communication and CSR, ICICI Lombard, said, “The campaign aims to create behavioral changes in the underpenetrated Indian market, emphasising the synergy between 'protection through Insurance' and a 'tranquil state of mind'. We are especially excited about the industry's first innovative AI aspect of the films in a guided meditation style and underlines our commitment to creativity and differentiated communication.”

Kapoor also highlighted the company’s continuous efforts in this direction, mentioning the IL TakeCare app, which offers resources for well-being and wellness. The app provides features such as FaceScan for tracking health vitals, 24x7 access to medical practitioners, pharmacy services, water reminders, step-up challenges, ambulance services, and more.

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