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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launches 'Suno Sabki Karo Multi' campaign in collaboration with Disney Hotstar

The campaign aims to serve as an awareness initiative for empowering cricket enthusiasts with financial knowledge.

As part of its latest investor education initiative campaign, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has partnered with Disney Hotstar for the ongoing World Cup, which ends on June 29, 2024. Hotstar is well-known for providing extensive coverage of cricket matches. Hence, this partnership will enable ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund to attract and reach a large number of cricket enthusiasts and fans who are highly engaged during live matches.

Most investors desire stability and predictability in their portfolios while avoiding volatility. This goal can be met by maintaining a diversified portfolio. This is where multi-asset allocation funds (MAAF) come into play. These funds mitigate the risks associated with investing in a single asset class by allowing investors to spread their investments across multiple asset classes, thereby enhancing diversification and managing volatility.

MAAF is an open-ended hybrid scheme that invests in at least three different asset classes. The most commonly included assets in these funds are equity, debt, and commodities such as gold or silver. MAAF ensures that investors do not miss out on the high growth prospects of equity while also enjoying a balanced approach with exposure to stable assets like debt. Further, gold as an asset class offers a hedge against inflation.

The advertisement addresses the dilemma of a confused investor overwhelmed by the abundance of investment information available. Given the plethora of opinions and recommendations accessible, investors find it challenging to determine where to invest their hard-earned money. The advertisement resolves this by highlighting the 3-in-1 advantage of multi-asset allocation funds, which combine gold, equity, and debt to provide a comprehensive solution for the perplexed investor.

According to Abhijit Shah, head of marketing, digital and customer experience, ICICI Prudential AMC, “This campaign has simplicity at its core. By removing the complexity around the concept of multi-asset allocation funds and promoting the advantages of the diversification built into this type of product, we hope to not only raise awareness but also attract new investors to take advantage of it, particularly in these volatile market conditions. We wanted this campaign to convey the unique ability to invest across multiple asset classes while mitigating risk, and the results speak for themselves."

The campaign will be distributed via digital platform- Disney Hotstar. Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will also be used to reach a wider audience. As this is an investor education campaign, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund aims to reach the maximum number of people, especially those aged between 25 to 55 and older, and educate them on the “advantages of a 3-in-1 fund”.

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