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iD Fresh Food's innovative print campaign with 'skip ad' feature

With the aim of 'TransparenSee', the brand shows concern on apprehensions on the ingredients used, to its users.

How many times have we come across the 'skip ads' option on Youtube channels? This concept is relatively old but, finding a 'skip ad' option in print advertising seems to be a very new concept for users. iD Fresh Food (India) on World Idly Day has come up with a first print advertisement to have a 'skip ad' call to action.

The ad is published on the front page of Delhi Times and Bangalore Times. The front page which shows the 'Skip ad' option takes the readers to the second page which reads 'Don't believe this ad. Question our CEO instead.'

Through this ad campaign, the brand aims for 'TransparenSee' and shows concerns to its users on apprehensions on the ingredients used.

Sharing the ad on his LinkedIn post, PC Musthafa, the CEO of iD Fresh Food shares, "I invite you all to join me on an online Live Tour of our Bangalore factory today, 30th March, at 12pm IST. You can ask me questions on the link given below and I'll be happy to answer them. See you in a few hours. Happy World Idly Day!"

The questions posed by online viewers were about the origins of the factory, the machinery used, supply chain challenges, hygiene standards, and sustainability initiatives, to name some. iD Fresh has also initiated factory visits since last month for schools and colleges and going forward this is going to be a fortnightly tour.

Speaking about the second edition of TransparenSee, PC Musthafa, CEO and co-founder, iD Fresh Food, said, “Given last year’s awe-inspiring response, we were keen to make TransparenSee an annual campaign to commemorate World Idli Day. It was not just about 25 crore views – though it’s a huge number – that the campaign garnered over a period of five days last year, but also about the enthusiasm, excitement, and engagement that it inspired. This year too, we celebrated the love of food – traditional Indian food, made with love.”

Rahul Gandhi, CMO, iD Fresh Food, asserted, “From creating a new product category – idli and dosa batter – in a 50-sq ft kitchen in Bengaluru to revolutionising the fresh food industry in India, iD Fresh has always made sincere efforts to be responsive to consumer needs. Our marketing campaigns are a reflection of the values that drive the organisation. Without 100% transparency and honesty, how can there be trust and loyalty?” 

Currently, the company caters to over 45 cites, across 35,000 retail stores in India, UAE and US.

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