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Advertising executes ‘Fitness Billboard’ OOH innovation for Bajaj Allianz Life Diabetic Term Plan

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance ask Mumbaikars – “Did you walk today?”

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has launched an exclusive term plan Bajaj Allianz Life Diabetic Term Plan Sub 8 HbA1c. This is a first of its kind protection plan in the Indian life insurance industry designed especially for Type 2 diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. To spread the awareness about Bajaj Allianz Life Diabetic Term Plan, partnered with the brand to create first ever ‘FITNESS BILLBOARD’ OOH innovation.

With a simple insight, those who are active more often have a lower chance of developing diabetes and walking is a great way to be active.  Team installed a treadmill on a billboard and invited people to have their fitness check as walking is one of the easiest activities to start with, and most people with diabetes can do it. We choose one of the busiest junctions of Mumbai – Mahim Causeway for billboard activation. We invited Mumbaikars to take the fitness challenge and more than 100+ commuters agreed to participate.

A medical team of experts were present at the venue who conducted routine health checks to the audiences before the treadmill fitness test. People took up fitness challenge on treadmill as they walked to assess their health score. Post that doctor interacted with the individuals and spoke about diabetes and how one can stay healthy with simple lifestyle changes he/she can do in their lives to control that. The doctors also discussed about the Bajaj Allianz Life Diabetic Plan and how one can secure their family’s long-term financial plans by giving them the well-deserved peace of mind. The activity was carried over weekend and caught the attention of Mumbaikars who welcomed the initiative from Bajaj Allianz and pledged to stay healthy.

Nabendu commented, “As Bajaj Allianz is committed to help several Indians secure their family’s long-term financial plans, we at too are passionate in bringing creativity alive on OOH space. With an opportunity to craft something innovative we at took this challenge and created first ever fitness billboard innovation on OOH. We believe this FITNESS BILLBOARD OOH idea has a merit to raise awareness to inform and educate people about rising diabetic issue (India is referred to as 'diabetes capital of the world' with the diabetic population in the country expected to hit an alarming mark of 69.9 million by 2025 and 80 million by 2030) with the intention of influencing their attitudes, behaviours, and beliefs towards the achievement of a defined purpose or goal.”

He further commented, “Our philosophy at is to create inspiration on OOH and treat the medium differently. Unlike many forms of advertising, OOH immerses an audience in your brand story, making it one of the most impactful mediums for powerful storytelling and we truly amplified this Bajaj Allianz Life Diabetic Term Plan communication through OOH in a big way. executed OOH campaign seamlessly in major cities(Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad) targeting the right audience at relevant locations. Since this was first of its kind product in Insurance sector, we spread the awareness through the LARGEST BILLBOARD (120x122 feet display left an indelible impression on the minds of audiences passing by the media every day”.

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