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Ideas don’t follow agencies, they follow their full potential: Binaifer Dulani on Tanishq's new ad

After Dentsu Webchutney, Talented has created the second season of the jewellery brand's 'Marriage Conversations' campaign.

“Ideas don’t just follow agencies, they follow their full potential. And, the talent working on them must continue to think about how a conversation must evolve for the brand. ‘Marriage Conversations 2.0’ is an embodiment of the same,” Binaifer Dulani, founding member and creative, Talented, tells afaqs! when asked about the second phase of Tanishq’s ‘Marriage Conversations’ campaign.

In November 2021, Tanishq (the jewellery division of Titan) launched ‘Marriage Conversations’ that delved deep into conversations around married life. The three-minute-long ad’s aim was to encourage married couples to have conversations about the life they want to build together.

The 2021 campaign was conceptualised by Dentsu Webchutney. The same team worked on ‘Marriage Conversations 2.0’, along with the agency Talented. “As both a client and agency team, we've been the same group that’s worked together for a few years now,” reveals Dulani.

Tanishq takes its message forward in the campaign's second season but this time with indie agency Talented. Each film goes deep into a new topic that is likely to resonate with soon-to-wed couples, and depicts what an equitable, modern relationship looks like.

Talking about the core insights behind the campaign, Dulani mentions that the attempt was to rescript the Indian wedding narrative, which is a big challenge in a country like India. “We wanted to double down on this commitment by going deeper into the narratives that are most relevant to today’s couples.”

Binaifer Dulani, Talented
Binaifer Dulani, Talented

What was Tanishq’s brief for the second season of the much talked about campaign? Dulani says, “At Talented, we believe in briefing the brand too. A shared understanding of the brand often helps us go beyond the brief and co-create stories.”

She credits the brand’s team for being strong collaborators on the project. Gaurav Midha, senior manager – marketing; and Tanasha Amlani, digital brand manager, Tanishq, Titan Company, generously shared their insights and vision.

As far as the brainstorming and execution of the campaign go, Dulani informs that Talented’s consulting strategic partner, Sumera Dewan, conducted group discussions with engaged couples across India. They were involved in the selection process of the themes for the campaign’s season two.

“Our creative process has been deeply personal and reflective,” she adds.

The agency’s director-partner, Alankrita Shrivastava of Little Giant Films, treated the campaign like a wedding scene. It helped in portraying the equitable relationship in an authentic way.

While we have seen many jewellery brands bet big on the Indian wedding season in their ad outings in the past, Tanishq’s approach has been unique. It has focussed on the long-lasting marriage theme, than just a one-day event.

She points out that Tanishq has a rich legacy of elegant storytelling. It is what makes people across India connect with the brand on an emotional level, beyond just sales and offers.

“A couple’s relationship with Tanishq may start with an engagement band, but the brand continues to be a part of their journey, as their relationship evolves over time and anniversaries. It all begins with a strong foundation, and that felt like a legitimate territory for the brand to have a point of view on," Dulani states.

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