In a nod to ‘WALL-E’, IKEA’s new spot showcases an eco-warrior anthropomorphic robot

The spot shows us how IKEA products can be used to build a sustainable and eco-friendly home.

Sometimes, robots tend to display deeper shades of humanism and empathy than humans. IKEA UK's new spot from its #WonderfulEveryday series is a nod to ‘WALL-E’, a 2008 American animated film, and features one such example.

The minute-long ad shows us the actions of an anthropomorphic robot, whose concern about Earth’s health under attack from pollution turns him into an eco-warrior.

We see the robot pick up discarded plastic only to fall into the water and short-circuit itself. It stands in front of a delivery truck at an industrial plant, but finds itself splattered with mud. And when it successfully sucks out a vial’s worth of oil at an oil spill, its happiness is short-lived when it realises there’s an ocean’s worth of oil spill.

Despondent, the robot returns home to see what one would call a miracle. Its family is using IKEA products to run a sustainable and eco-friendly home: growing vegetables, using alternatives to plastic bags, etc.

“Going to eco-extremes to try and save the planet is a great thing to do, but for most of us, it’s not an easy thing to do. With IKEA’s affordable solutions, the power of change is in everybody’s hands. Because the real difference won’t be made with a few grand gestures, it’ll be when we all change a bit for good,” said Mother, a London-based independent creative agency that’s behind the ad.

On IKEA’s website, you will find detailed information on how its products help you make your home a sustainable one. Another interesting bit is the mention of using plant-based meat alternatives. We wonder how IKEA’s world-famous meatballs feel about this move.

There is also a counter on the website that ticks each time an IKEA customer makes a sustainable choice.

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