Ananya Pathak

In a nostalgic spot, Saregama Carvaan talks about the need for entertainment for the elderly

The shot at home video reflects on children's summer vacations, and how their parents kept them entertained throughout.

Amid the unprecedented COVID-19 scenario, and extended lockdown period in some parts of the country, Saregama has launched a digital campaign. It subtly talks about the emotionally and physically draining times for the elderly.

The campaign has been ideated and created by Saregama’s team, along with its agency partner The Womb, from home during lockdown.

The campaign reflects on the nostalgic summer vacation days, and how parents always knew how to keep their kids entertained, be it in the form of a video game, or any other form of entertainment. Now, when they (the parents) are stuck at home, with almost no social life and very limited means of entertainment, it is the time for the children to do something for their parents.

The campaign touches on the need for entertainment in the lives of the elderly, and how powerful music can be to help them sail through the current situation.

Saregama Carvaan comes preloaded with 5,000 evergreen songs, and is available for home delivery across online platforms and stores pan-India.

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