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Incredible India says India is inside

A nod to staying indoors now and for future travel plans to stay local as well?

Travel is, sorry, was, one of life's best pursuits. But, the fear of the virus, the varying degrees of lockdown and the mandatory safety distancing measures have put a lid on it. Today, travel is nothing but wanderlust; you yearn for it but it's hard to get it.

Words and phrases such as lockdown, stay inside, or indoors won't go away anytime soon because they're needed to halt the virus' spread. And to highlight this aspect is Incredible India, the country's tourism campaign.

The 40-second ad shows us the outlines of people and within it, the country's greatest sights. Look at the ad closely and you will realise two important points being made: One, stay inside (it's the message that pops up at the end of the ad) because that's how you keep yourself and others safe. Second, is about future travel and Incredible India by saying 'stay inside' is also seen urging people who might book an international holiday to reconsider and visit the rich sports India has to offer instead.

The tourism ministry maintains the 'Incredible India' campaign since 2002 before which there's was no concentrated path for the promotion of tourism.

The video was produced by Untitled, a Kochi based design and brand experience agency, commissioned by India tourism Mumbai, the regional office of Ministry of Tourism for the western and central region. The campaign was developed as a part of the content creation task assigned to field offices of the Ministry of Tourism during the lockdown period for promotion on 'Incredible India' social media handles.

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