Shreyas Kulkarni

‘Indeed’ pushes jobseekers to choose not just a job, but the right one

It is the job listing company’s second campaign in eight months.

Getting a job is easy. But how about getting one which is right for you? Now, that is easier said than done. Unless you are ‘Indeed’, the American job listing website that says it can, and will, match you with the job that is right for you.

A new campaign by DDB Mudra, nearly eight months after its last one, has two ads on how folks now have jobs, thanks to Indeed. But they land the right jobs only after a slight back and forth.

“Sometimes, jobseekers end up taking the first job available,” says Nishita Lalvani, director, Indeed India and SEA. She says that the engineering and product teams at the job listing website, are constantly working and updating the algorithms to make sure the jobseeker is matched with the right job.

Indeed’s 2022 campaign railed against referral hiring in small businesses. But this one focusses on all kinds of jobseekers. The season of appraisals and increments, and people looking for jobs, is here.

Lalvani acknowledges that it is the appraisal season and the start of a fresh year for many things. But Indeed actually wants to tap into India’s status as a bright spot, amid a global economic gloom.

“Most developed nations are seeing an ageing population. India is a unique place. Our labour force is growing, and that’s a great place to be… 27% of our total population, we believe, is Gen Z,” she says.

One of the two ads from Indeed, shows a door being slammed in the face of a delivery executive. Hurt, he decides to look for another job. This is an incident that happens in reality, but it may also come across as an attempt to put down that particular role.

Lalavani vehemently disagrees with this assumption. “We are not looking down on any worker,” she says, and explains the ad is a day-in-a-life kind of work.

The campaign is available in seven languages: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada, and is also live on JioCinema during the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

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