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India Gate Foods, content studio Blush celebrate working men

In a first, content studio Blush has collaborated with India Gate Foods to celebrate the breaking of gender stereotypes.

This global pandemic (Coronavirus) has led to clear skies, clean water, and decreasing pollution levels. Within the walls of our homes, it has been a great leveller, a good gender equality lesson.

This extended phase of the ongoing nationwide lockdown and social distancing have stripped most of us from the luxury of having a domestic help for household chores. This has led to every member of the family/house lending their hand to collectively get all the work done. Most households have seen a positive change, where gender isn't an issue when it comes to daily chores.

The international media network m/SIX Content+, in partnership with Blush, a YouTube channel that offers content for women, has come out with the #MenAtWork campaign for India Gate Foods. The campaign celebrates gender neutrality and the breaking of gender stereotypes at a critical time, like the one we're all facing right now.

It tries to capture a glimpse of how men, be it fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons, are actively taking part in all domestic chores. From tucking the children to sleep to giving them a bath, from cooking to cleaning to even mopping the floor, this campaign paints a clear picture that these ‘jobs’ have nothing to do with gender.

Ayush Gupta, business head, KRBL, says: “Caring for each other, family bonding and rising up to the situation are some of the core brand values of India Gate Foods, which made this association a seamless brand fit to showcase the positive shift of traditional gender roles, with everyone in the household a homemaker in the current scenario.”

Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta

m/SIX India head Saket Sinha added that “the initiative strongly ties back to the brand ethos and also seamlessly allows the product to be a part of the story.” m/SIX India handles the social and digital media mandate for India Gate Foods.

Saket Sinha
Saket Sinha

The entire campaign was curated using small homemade videos and an emotional audio narrative, which makes this an ode to all the ‘homemakers', irrespective of their gender.

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