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IndiGo plays Cupid to long-distance Bumble Bees

One half of a Bumble couple flies in to surprise the other.

A romantic relationship is hard. A long-distance relationship is arduous and come Valentine’s Day, the couple feels hellish. That’s until IndiGo Airlines decided to play cupid for a Bumble pair.

Did the airline shoot a boarding pass to the couple? Sort of. In an endearing ad film, a couple chats away on Bumble (we assume it’s been a while since they right-swiped each other) until the girl decides to surprise him IRL.

As Nick Jonas once crooned, “Give love a try”.

One could have thought the Valentine’s Day marketing efforts end here. No, it does not because through a contest, the two brands are offering five people and their plus one a round trip to any domestic destination in India. The contest’s results will be announced on 18 February 2022.

EO2 EXP. conceptualised and scripted the ad and Gaurav Gupta directed it.

Flying in to surprise your loved one isn’t the newest trick in the book. In 2013, British Airways’ ad film showed a guy flying back to India to surprise his mother.

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