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Infectious Advertising unveils its content arm- Epidemik Content

Veteran Industry producer Shabbir Motiwala will head the division.

Infectious Advertising has launched its content arm - Epidemik Content - with veteran Industry producer Shabbir Motiwala at the helm.

Epidemik Content is committed to delivering top-notch content with best-in-class production that’s value for money. It will embrace AI and new-age storytelling while collaborating with the best new talent to push the envelope and redefine industry standards.

Shabbir Motiwala, head of Epidemik Content, said, ‘My challenge is to make Epidemik Content the ‘talk of the town’ with best-in-class production and innovative storytelling. The red speech blurb in the logo will be a constant reminder to me and Team Epidemik of that objective. Of course, I am thrilled and honoured to be entrusted with this responsibility.’

Nisha Singhania and Ramanuj Shastry, co-founders of Infectious Advertising, added, ‘With Epidemik Content, we now have skin in the content game. Our mission is ‘Virality’ - to create content that is both memorable and shareable. Epidemik Content will create bespoke solutions for ever- evolving content needs of brands in the digital age.’

Shabbir joined Infectious Advertising last year. Prior to this, he was an independent producer and won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix in 2022 for the Killer Pack campaign. He started his career in advertising as an assistant director at UTV in 1993. Later he was appointed as an agency producer at Ambience Advertising; he then became a director and made more than 50 commercials.

Subsequently, Shabbir was appointed the head of production at BBH India, working with talented creatives from across the globe, including the great Sir John Hegarty to eventually settling into the role of an executive producer.

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