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International electronic music festival ZAMNA set to make its debut in India

The festival, originally from Mexico, is being brought to India by Paradox and Paytm Insider, in partnership with WMS.

The international electronic music festival, ZAMNA is set to make its debut in India! After captivating the world and establishing itself as the epicenter of electronic music, Paradox and Paytm Insider, in association with WMS, are bringing this globally acclaimed festival to India.

Originating from the heart of Mexico, ZAMNA is more than just a festival; it’s a musical heaven that connects people, fostering a sense of community. Electronic music fans can witness performances by global DJs and artists, production with custom lighting, sound design and jvisuals. This festival is also a representation of life, music, and the beautiful spirit of Tulum!

With roots in the Mayan civilisation, the ZAMNA Festival has grown into a global phenomenon, attracting attendees from over 120 countries every year. It has achieved success with each of its editions including cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Ibiza, Milan, São Paulo, Dubai, and Malta, making it the hotspot for the newest sounds, natural beauty and cultural significance.

Stefano Laporta, founder, Zamna, said, “We are very happy to bring Zamna to India for the first time. India has an incredible fan base that visits us in Tulum every January and brings a beautiful vibe. That is the concept we want to show here - of unity, of brotherhood and love for music and nature.”

Varun Khare, COO, Paytm Insider, said, “Bringing Zamna to India for the first time is a monumental milestone for Paytm Insider. Working with Paradox and WMS has enabled us to present this globally acclaimed electronic music spectacle to our audience, enhancing the already vibrant music scene in the country. This is a must-attend event for all music enthusiasts because it showcases how electronic music is experienced on an international scale. Join us as we make history by introducing the magic of Zamna to India."

Karan Narang, founder, Paradox, stated, “Bringing Zamna to India is an extraordinary feeling. This has resulted from the relentless efforts to bring Paradox to where it is today along with our productive partnership with Paytm Insider and WMS. We look forward to the most elaborate forms of creative expression through the best Dance Music. It is our way of paying homage to music enthusiasts who will discover a new way to not just listen, but to experience the curated magic that comes with Zamna.”

Akshat Kumar, co-founder, WMS, stated, "Along with Paytm Insider and Paradox, we are ecstatic to bring Zamna to India for the very first time. This festival is a celebration of the best in dance music, and we are thrilled to help music enthusiasts discover why Zamna is the ultimate destination for electronic music fans. The opportunity to create a beautiful experience for all attendees and uphold the Zamna name with its curated magic makes us even more excited. Join us as the spirit of Tulum lands in India!"

Since 2017, its annual showcase in Tulum has been winning the hearts of music aficionados – blending beats, nature, and art and creating a vibe like no other. Picture yourself dancing under the stars, surrounded by visuals and an electric vibe that only ZAMNA can offer. Sign up now on for early access to tickets!

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