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IRUS Eyewear and Kartik Aaryan urge viewers to 'Look Again' to challenge misconceptions about Gen Z

The campaign has been crafted by Makani Creatives.

Known for its style and elegance, IRUS Eyewear hits the right cord with the youth with the ‘Look Again’ campaign. With Kartik Aaryan at the helm of the film, it has been conceptualised by Makani Creatives.

The campaign is aimed at challenging snap judgments often associated with today's youth. The film goes on to highlight that today’s young generation is more than what meets the eye; they are driven to make a difference and leave an indelible mark on the world and yet somehow they look effortless in doing so. It is a celebration of individuality, and to those who are marching to their own beat and making a difference yet appear to be living on the lighter side.

Ronak Optics spokesperson explains the ethos behind this year’s collection, "With our new collection, we're not just introducing stylish frames and vibrant hues; we're igniting a revolution for the youth in the eyewear industry. Our collaboration with Kartik Aaryan embodies the very spirit of this campaign - bold, trendsetting, and impossible to overlook."

In the film, Kartik emphasises the misconception surrounding today's youth, illustrating how they are often unfairly judged despite their unique approaches. The campaign encourages viewers to take a second look and recognise the profound depth beneath their seemingly carefree exterior. With the sunglasses and eyewear from the collection, the ad delivers a straightforward narrative, highlighting the truth rather than embellishment.

Suchana Sarkar, chief brand officer at Makani Creatives, highlights the campaign's brand-led approach, stating, "At Makani Creatives, we pride ourselves on crafting campaigns that resonates with people’s spirit and identity. With 'Look Again,' we have moved one step forward to fortify what IRUS believes in and who it is for.”

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