Aishwarya Ramesh

Is this an ad for Netflix, Samsung, or Ryan Reynolds' gin brand?

It starts off as an ad for a Netflix film, then it appears to be an ad for Aviation Gin and it ends as a Samsung ad...

Ryan Reynolds stars in Michael Bay's new Netflix film. That alone should encourage a fair number of users to watch 6 Underground - which releases on Netflix on December 13, but that wasn't quite enough for Ryan Reynolds. In an ad uploaded to Samsung USA's YouTube channel - Reynolds is seen confessing - "I bought a mid-roll ad placement," to an incredulous director, as an ad for his brand, Aviation Gin, starts playing halfway through an ad for his new Netflix film and Samsung QLED TVs.

The video starts off as an ad for Reynolds' new Netflix movie 6 Underground. It was uploaded to Samsung US' YouTube channel, so the movie trailer begins to play out on a Samsung QLED TV (Netflix's logo is seen on the screen in the first few shots.) Midway through, an ad for Aviation Gin starts playing on the same TV screen. The agency responsible for the ad is adam&eveDDB - who tweeted about the meta ad with the hashtag #adwithinanadwithinanad. This seemingly references the Christopher Nolan film Inception (2010), in which the protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio, experiences a dream within a dream.

Reynolds also made a promotional video with brand Netflix that urges viewers to watch 6 Underground because 'science says so' - apparently, it's the 'most Michael Bay' movie ever.

Masthead ad for Ryan Reynolds' new Netflix film on YouTube India
Masthead ad for Ryan Reynolds' new Netflix film on YouTube India

However, promoting 6 Underground isn't the only thing that's keeping Reynolds busy. A few days ago, Reynolds uploaded an ad to his official YouTube channel for his brand of Aviation Gin. The ad features Monica Ruiz and is a 40 second spot for the alcohol brand. Notably, in the ad, Ruiz's friend mentions that this is a 'safe space' - a phrase used to describe a space in which one can talk about their emotions without getting trolled/criticised for the same.

If the name sounds familiar, its because Monica Ruiz is the same actor who's been caught in the midst of controversy in recent times for acting in an ad for Peloton exercise bikes. She has been trolled for acting in a holiday spot for the company. The ad was described by social media users as sexist and insensitive.

The ad is a fairly straightforward one - a husband gifts his wife an exercise bike, she chronicles her journey using said bike for a year and thanks her husband for the thoughtful gift. However, users on the internet were quick to criticise the video - going so far as to call it sexist. Users also emphasised on the pointlessness of gifting an already-svelte and fit looking woman an exercise bike. "I hope people can remember that I'm not actually the Peloton lady and let me work other jobs," she is quoted as saying on Business Insider. It's no coincidence that Reynolds would upload the new gin ad with the title 'The Gift That Doesn't Give Back', drawing attention to Ruiz, her emotions and the scrutiny she has been under, in recent times, for her work.