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It protects, lathers well and makes you feel fresh; the new Dettol goes all out to keep you safe

In two new ads, the Reckitt brand says it now offers more protection against germs, viruses and bacteria.

Dettol enjoys a “must-have” status in most Indian households. The antiseptic, disinfectant and cleaning supplies brand from Reckitt has seen itself become more important than ever since the Coronavirus entered our lives.

Wearing masks, sanitising our hands at frequent intervals and maintaining social distancing have become part of our daily routine now. But many people don’t seem to follow these health precautions nowadays.

Dettol’s new ads in the last few days have gone back to one of the most important aspects of personal hygiene – bathing.

People use Dettol for protection. But, for some time now, people have been wondering what else they can do. The brand seems to think the same and, therefore, says that the new Dettol offers more protection against germs, etc.

One of the two ads says Dettol “offers a rich creamy lather that makes bathing fun and keeps your family protected from germs.”

The other ad says it “offers a fresh feel, while ensuring protection from germs.”

What’s interesting to note is that in both the ads, the (featured) woman says she’d bought the soap keeping protection from germs in mind, something the brand is renowned for.

As we head towards a period of possible micro-lockdowns because of the spike in COVID cases, it becomes even more important to take precautions against the virus, germs and bacteria.

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