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ITC Mangaldeep launches 'Dil se Karo Baat, Bhagwan Ke Saath' campaign

The new ad visualised by Ogilvy India emphasises the human need for intimate communication with the divine.

ITC Mangaldeep, a agarbatti brand, announces its new campaign, Dil se Karo Baat, Bhagwan Ke Saath, which translates to ‘Make God your close confidant.' The campaign celebrates one’s divine connection with God. It illustrates the relationship between humans and God as that of between two friends where heartfelt conversations take place. With this campaign, the brand embraces a new positioning which encompasses a diverse set of lives, rituals, and ways of expressing beliefs.

The Dil se Karo Baat, Bhagwan Ke Saath embarks on a journey of strengthening the bond we share with God and persuades us to be transparent with him as he is our confidant. This joyful campaign reimagines this connection, fostering a personal and friendly bond with God. Inspired by everyday interactions where individuals share worries, seek solace, express gratitude, and celebrate events, the campaign emphasises the human need for intimate communication with the divine.

Being ‘an enabler of devotion and a sense of well-being’, the brand intends to be a part of both the grand festival celebrations as well as the prayers we do in between everyday moments. Mangaldeep believes that prayers can bring loved ones together while also strengthening souls and creating a personal space of calm.

Speaking on the launch of this creative communication campaign, Gaurav Tayal, chief executive of the matches and agarbatti business (MAB) at ITC said, “This campaign aims to illustrate our connection with the God. Through this campaign, we move beyond the idea of God solely residing in places of worship and instead emphasize the possibility of experiencing the divine presence throughout our daily lives. Through relatable scenarios, we showcase how this connection fosters not just a sense of respect for God's power, but also a sense of companionship.”

To take this campaign to its target set of audiences, ITC Mangaldeep has launched a new ad visualised by Ogilvy India.

Speaking about the campaign, Rajesh Mani, Group creative director at Ogilvy India said, “Who do we have a heart-to-heart with? Usually, someone we feel really close to. There’s a sense of ease and comfort that we feel. In this campaign, we ask people to speak to that one person who is in all our hearts – God. He is the 24X7 friend, philosopher, and guide. He doesn’t mind how you pray or for how long, as long as it’s from the heart, he will listen. Mangaldeep brings forth this beautiful thought in a slice-of-life fashion expertly capturing the nuances and champions devotion and devotees. This film is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity that is at the core of Mangaldeep.”

In addition to the flagship TVC launch which will air from the 10 of July in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, and Kerala, Mangaldeep has a set of social media and influencer activities planned in line to promote this new positioning among its consumers.

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