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ITC releases 'how to' spot for Savlon Hexa hand sanitiser

The Indian multinational conglomerate launched the sanitiser brand in April 2020. The first TV commercial for it was launched earlier this week.

Indian multinational conglomerate ITC has launched the first TV commercial for its recently launched hand sanitiser brand Savlon Hexa. The 20-second-long commercial – ‘Advance Suraksha with Savlon Hexa’, launched earlier this week, has been conceptualised by Ogilvy India.

The commercial focuses on the two things important in any fight – defending and attacking. Riding on the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the ad portrays face masks as the defending tool, and Savlon Hexa as the attacking tool.

While the visuals highlight the hand sanitisation process, the ad copy narrates, 'Is ladai mein apke sath hai Savlon Hexa Advance Sanitiser. Iska fast action kare virus aur bacteria pe attack…'

Sharing the ad on social media, the brand wrote, “Defense alone is not enough! Go on the offensive with the advanced suraksha of Savlon Hexa, and protect yourself from 99.99 per cent germs.”

The Kolkata-headquartered brand announced the launch of the sanitiser brand on April 10, 2020. To match the demand for hand sanitisers after the spread of the Coronavirus, ITC increased the production of the Savlon brand. The company instructed its state-of-the-art perfume manufacturing facility in Himachal Pradesh to handle the manufacturing responsibility.

The brand claims that Savlon Hexa protects against many 'enveloped' and 'non-enveloped' viruses, and offers long-lasting protection. Its broad spectrum germicidal action kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and ensures effective hand sanitisation.

ITC releases 'how to' spot for Savlon Hexa hand sanitiser

Savlon Hexa hand sanitiser liquid is available in a 500 ml pump pack (Rs 250), as well as a 500 ml refill pack (Rs 240) across retail channels and e-commerce platforms in India.

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