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ITC Savlon reiterates its message of hand hygiene in new ad

Ogilvy India's campaign personifies handwashing habits, highlighting the importance of handwashing in everyday life and urging urgent action.

ITC’s Savlon Swasth India Mission has been at the forefront of presenting innovative tools and communication campaigns to induce a behavioural change towards hand hygiene. Reminding people about the need for hand hygiene to stay safe from germs is continually relevant and important. Savlon Swasth India Mission does this in a way that brings a smile to your face and helps you recall the need for hand hygiene compliance.

On Global Hand Hygiene Day this year, Savlon Swasth India Mission harnessed an everyday insight of how our hands, through the day, meet and greet multiple people, and touch several surfaces picking up germs from each interaction. The campaign, conceptualised by Ogilvy India, brought alive this observation by personifying every interaction with our hands in a humourous way.

The changing hand identity till the hands are washed with a handwash, mirrors our everyday lives and reinforces the need to adopt washing hands as a habit. The humour in presenting this Public Interest message is what truly makes it not only endearing but also demanding urgent action.

Sameer Satpathy, divisional chief executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said, "Savlon Swasth India Mission is one of our longest running initiatives and also one of the largest school programmes on hand hygiene. The endeavour since its inception has been to induce a behavioural change towards hand hygiene and explore disruptive and innovative ways to engage, educate, and empower everybody to adopt the habit of washing hands with soap or handwash. The film marking the Global Hand Hygiene Day is a humourous conversation reiterating the message of hand hygiene and re-emphasising our commitment to education and adoption of Handwashing!”

Kainaz Karmakar & Harshad Rajadhyaksha, CCOs, Ogilvy India, add, “Over the years, we have created meaningful and powerful messaging for Savlon Swasth India Mission. As part of this broader task, the film is a disruptive and memorable way to make people aware of this insightful truth, and hopefully impact positive handwashing behaviour.”

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