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ITC Sunfeast Mom's Magic's new campaign shares happiness hack

As per the brand's survey, hugging your mother often, can make you happy.

In today's fast-paced world, stress levels rise due to various reasons. Often, one resorts to watching content online, gaming and spending time on social media, to de-stress and relax.

On the contrary, spending time with one's parents is decreasing, as work and other social obligations take precedence. However, a recent social experiment conducted by ITC Sunfeast Mom’s Magic reveals that hugging your mother is the most powerful stress reliever, boosting one's happiness.

To promote this message, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic has launched a campaign, titled #HugHerMore, with the objective of encouraging people to hug their moms frequently. Sunfeast Mom’s Magic surveyed 321 participants across Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai, in collaboration with Crownit, to ascertain how hugging one’s mother, has changed over the years.

The survey saw participation from both males and females in the 13-35 age group. It was further bifurcated into segments of students, working professionals, homemakers, and youngsters staying with, and away from, their parents. 

Speaking about the survey and the social experiment campaign, Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits & cakes cluster, foods division, ITC, said, "Hugging is an expression of love, and integral for bonding between a mother and her children. As we grow older and life catches up, physical closeness with our moms, significantly reduces. The gap just keeps increasing, leading to loneliness for mothers, as kids become more independent..."

The social experiment, called 'The Happiness Hack Experiment, helps to understand the happiness level people experiences when they hug their mothers. A brain tracking device is attached to an individual to measure the surge in happiness when he hugs his mother. 

On the social experiment, Puneet Kapoor, chief creative officer, Ogilvy South, said, “We are constantly seeking new ways of getting happiness rushes to overcome our busy and stressful lifestyles. For this, we often turn to technology and screens. While tech can provide us with temporary spikes of happiness, true happiness always seems to be illusive."

"With our screen time going through the roof, it is time we turn to genuine human connections. It is time we turn to what I feel is the ultimate source of happiness, the source we came from – our moms. The idea was set up as a decoy experiment, with tech being an ally. The social experiment reinforced the magical effect of a mom’s hug on the participant."

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