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ITC Vivel's ad subtly differentiates work from home and work for home

In a spot that talks about how similar remote working and household work is, ITC attempts to drive the point of equality home.

The last 18 months have reset the world and the way it functions. While the new normal has introduced effective working models for professionals, it continues to be onerous and challenging for homemakers. Women have juggled roles and responsibilities for decades, but the discrimination in expectations continues to persist between working professionals and homemakers.

Homemakers are often denied their rightful share of appreciation, respect and acknowledgement. This year, on Women’s Equality Day, ITC Vivel, with its brand philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin, takes an inclusive step forward to bridge this gap in expectations. With its campaign, #RespectWorkForHome, the brand celebrates the diligent, relentless and unconditional contribution of homemakers.

ITC Vivel brings to the fore, a reticent, yet age-old issue that discriminates not only basis gender, but also basis the work done. In a video-led campaign, Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin showcases a nuanced approach to equality. The film shines the spotlight on the various chores that enable a smooth process-oriented functioning of a household that is no different than managing work at a professional workplace.

It touches upon an important facet of equality and encourages everyone to accord equal respect for both working professionals and homemakers. The film is a collective portrayal of strong women, who have made their own choices to ensure happiness and well-being of their families.

Sameer Satpathy, chief executive, personal care products business division, ITC, in support of the campaign, states, “Equality is a fundamental right. However, inequality of expectations often undermines the true construct of equality. Work from home or work for home, both are demanding and frequently require one to juggle multiple responsibilities. With its campaign, #RespectWorkForHome, Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin broaches an important conversation to encourage equality of expectations and respect for everyone.”

BBDO India's campaign for Ariel also addressed subtle aspects of gender inequality, even among working husbands and wives, with its famous 'Share the Load' campaign. Throughout the 'Share the Load' campaign ad films, we see different family members realise and see the subtle inequalities that exist when a man works, as opposed to when a woman takes on a career for herself.

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