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Jackie Shroff dons cowboyesque avatar for CRED, shows "it pays to be good"

It's a new campaign where CRED is giving away Rs 16 crore worth of rewards for paying your credit card bills on the app.

“Some believe that there’s no upside to being good,” says CRED’s description of its latest ad. It then goes on to disprove this with Jackie Shroff who transformed himself into a cowboy manning a store at a gas station.

40-seconds long, the ad has no script and gets the message across effortlessly. First, a guy who steps inside the store to pick up a six-pack crate of beer and has two-thoughts of whether he should pay for it because Shroff is sound asleep and there is nobody else.

He goes against his primary though and decides to pay for it using his credit card. Now, as he’s about to leave, we see Shroff tap his boots on the table, open his eyes, and throw a pack of gum at the guy; a gift for doing the right thing?

This ad is part of CRED’s new campaign where it is “giving away Rs.16,00,00,000 worth of rewards for paying your credit card bills on CRED.”

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It’s interesting to see the brand continue its campaign with a Bollywood star because its previous campaign “Not everyone gets it” has been touted as one of the best ones of 2020.