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Jagat Pharma onboards WeBeeSocial as its Social Media Marketing partner

The account was won after a multi-agency pitch.

After a multi-agency pitch, WeBeeSocial has bagged the social media marketing mandate for Jagat Pharma, one of the leading Ayurvedic companies based in India, with a service legacy of 35 years dedicated to research on herbs and remedies. The mandate will be focussing on making effective herbal care products accessible to a larger audience and highlighting the importance and need of Ayurvedic remedies.

“We are firmly driven towards making Ayurvedic care solutions accessible to all for the welfare of the society. Through Jagat Pharma, we want to build an understanding of Ayurveda and its importance in our audience’s minds while clearing all the misconceptions that the majority of us have,” said Dr Mandeep Singh Basu, CEO, Jagat Pharma.

“We make the promise of purity through Jagat Pharma products and we’d want to emphasise on our valuable traditions and the healing power of Ayurveda. We are glad to onboard WeBeeSocial as our digital marketing agency - their extensive and award-winning body of work is proof that they have a fantastic understanding of our market and will be able to help us in our journey of promoting and encouraging Ayurvedic care solutions”, commented Ketan Chopra, head of digital marketing, Jagat Pharma.

Soumya Sharma, co-founder, WeBeeSocial, said, “We are delighted to be taking over - 2021 truly is the year of opportunity in the medical field, and we feel excited to be joining hands with Jagat Pharma to make effective herbal care solutions accessible to all. Not only that, with all the myths and misconceptions around Ayurvedic care, along with the superficial understanding of it in the eyes of the general public, this is definitely a challenge that we’re willing to take on, full charge!”

“We are looking forward to this exciting collaboration and know that some great, memorable work is going to come out of it. Jagat Pharma’s legacy is built upon some key pillars like trust and continual innovation, and we recognise that and want to take it forward by spreading the message in the most effective and interesting manner”, added Shubhendu Jha, co-founder, WeBeeSocial.