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Janhvi Kapoor and Coca-Cola become Ishaan Khatter’s saviour in a ‘ladies’ special bus

The beverage giant wants to be the go-to thirst quencher this summer season.

There’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled beverage on a hot summer afternoon in Mumbai. Don’t believe us? Ask actor Ishaan Khatter.

After what feels like a rough hot day in office, Khatter finds himself at the centre of many women’s gazes. Not the good ones, though. They look disapproving and annoyed.

Poor Khatter, exhausted from the heat in the latest Coca-Cola ad, is struggling to understand what he has done to anger all these women. Suddenly, actress Janhvi Kapoor pops in front of a confused Khatter and offers him a sip of her Coca-Cola bottle. With one sip, his thirst is quenched and the scene changes.

The annoyed women are now seen smiling at Khatter, who realises that under the influence of heat, he had boarded a ‘ladies’ special bus by mistake. If it was me, I’d receive a few gaalis. Khatter, on the other hand, is called “special” by Kapoor. Lucky chap, indeed.

A voice-over says, “Khud ko jagaa, ek thanda laga.

The last time we saw a Coca-Cola ad, featuring a bus, it starred two other young actors, i.e., Imran Khan and Kalki Koechlin.


Client: Coca-Cola

Brand team: Upasna Sanyal, Aditi Anand, Kaushik Prasad

Creative agency: McCann Worldgroup India

CCO: Prasoon Joshi 

Head of Creative: Ashish Chakravarty

Creative team : Sambit Mohanty, Rathish P Subramaniam, Karthik.R, Binesh Sharma, Suresh PV

Strategy : Anirban Roy, Tushar Handa

Account Management : Amitesh Rao, Rajat Gulati, Vinshul Upadhyay

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