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Jaro Education launches its first campaign #AtkeMatRaho

The campaign is conceptualized and executed by Social Panga.

Jaro Education has launched its first brand film, #AtkeMatRaho, conceptualized and executed by Social Panga. The campaign aims to inspire and motivate professionals to achieve their full potential and excel in their careers through continuous learning and skill development.

The film follows the story of Mishra Ji, a dedicated employee who has been with the organization for several years but has not advanced in his career due to a lack of proficient skills. The brand film encourages viewers to avoid becoming redundant like Mishra Ji by upskilling and gaining the right skill sets from the right institutes, positioning Jaro Education as the solution to this common corporate struggle.

The #AtkeMatRaho campaign is not limited to experienced professionals but also targets fresh graduates and young professionals starting off in their careers. The campaign aims to create a buzz for Jaro Education across all social media platforms- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Ranjita Raman, CEO, Jaro Education, said, "We are excited to launch our first brand film, #AtkeMatRaho, which emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and skill development in today's fast-paced business environment. We hope that this campaign will inspire both professionals and employers to prioritize learning and development, leading to a more successful and fulfilled workforce. Our aim is to provide a platform for those who want to upskill themselves for better career growth opportunities. We believe that with the right skills and knowledge, anyone can achieve their career goals and reach new heights. Employers can also benefit greatly by encouraging their employees to upskill and develop new abilities. When employees feel valued and supported in their career growth, it leads to increased productivity, retention rates, and overall job satisfaction.”

"We are thrilled to be a part of this campaign and help Jaro Education position itself as a leading provider of higher online education and skill development courses," said Himanshu Arora, Co-founder - Social Panga. "Through this film, we hope to inspire and empower professionals to never stop learning and advance in their careers."

The campaign is now live across Jaro Education’s YouTube and social media channels.

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