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Jim Sarbh and Mira Kapoor star in Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ revamp campaign 'Come Play with OSiS+ Everyday'

The campaign spotlights the brand’s styling range enable customers to effortlessly style their hair without worrying about causing any damage.

Schwarzkopf Professional, has announced the relaunch of the much sought after OSiS+ range with a campaign “Come Play with OSiS+ Everyday” starring their Hair Muse Mira Kapoor and Mane Man Jim Sarbh. This partnership aims to bring forth a fusion of creativity, diversity, and luxury, symbolizing the essence of the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of hairstyling.

The innovative campaign, titled "Come Play with OSiS+ Everyday" is set to captivate audiences with its bold and empowering message, celebrating individuality and self-expression encouraging consumers to embrace the art of hairstyling. The campaign spotlights the brand’s cutting-edge styling range that empowers consumers to style with abandon, devoid of concerns about potential damage. The new OsiS+ range represents a quantum leap in hair care technology, promising consumers the freedom to experiment and transform their looks, all while safeguarding the health of their tresses.

The stylish and edgy film shows Jim and Mira infuse excitement in an otherwise monotonous day with the revamped OSiS+ range and overhaul their looks, resonating that good hair is good mood. Embracing individuality, innovation, and the endless possibilities of hairstyling, Jim Sarbh and Mira Kapoor personify the spirit of OSiS+. Their partnership with Schwarzkopf Professional for the individualistic, unisex and hottest styling range - OSiS+ sets the stage for a new era in the world of hairstyling and self-expression.

Commenting on the launch & campaign, Shama Dalal, marketing chief, Henkel Consumer Brands, said” As we relaunch our iconic OSiS+ range, we're presenting a symphony of style, and a fusion of iconic heritage with new age creativity. Together, we invite you to rediscover the artistry of hairstyling, where our products become the brushstrokes and our Mane Man Jim and Hair Muse Mira the living canvases. This is not just a relaunch; it's a journey into a world where every strand tells a story, and every style is an ode to individuality. Welcome to the rebirth of glamor, creativity, and self-expression – welcome to the evolution of OSiS+”

Commenting on the relaunch and campaign, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Mane Man Jim Sarbh said “Your hair can be a powerful form of self-expression, and OSIS+ provides the tools for experimentation and playfulness. In my experience of fashion and films, style is very important, and OSIS+ helps me explore and redefine my hair to complement my changing sense of style. As an artist, you got to be brave, you got to be bold, you got to be wiser, and OSIS+ helps me along that path.”

Commenting on the relaunch and campaign, Schwarzkopf Professional’s hair muse in India Mira Kapoor said “Every woman deserves to feel empowered, and OSiS+ gives me the freedom to express my personality through my hair. From red carpets to everyday moments, OSiS+ has become a trusted companion, helping me radiate confidence and beauty. Being a mother on the go and constantly in the limelight I've discovered the versatility and creativity that comes with OSiS+. It allows me to adapt my style to any situation.”

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