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Jindal Stainless celebrates Diwali with ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’ campaign

The video draws parallels between celebrations at home and the workplace, home for those who are away from their families.

Jindal Stainless has launched a ‘Hum Sabki Diwali 2.0’ digital campaign for Diwali. As a part of this campaign, the brand has released a heart-warming video that captures the festive celebration at workplaces.

The narrative goes beyond surface-level celebrations, conveying a message about the unity of festivities and the significance of family bonds, whether at home or in the workplace. The video unfolds touching stories of individuals finding joy and warmth amongst their colleagues at the office and family members at home alike. 

The video culminates with a scene of digitally-connected sides sharing glances at each other's pictures, reinforcing the unspoken bond between the two worlds. 

Commenting on the launch of this video, head, corporate communications, Jindal Stainless, Sonal Singh, said, “The digital campaign reflects our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and joy among our stainless family members. We truly believe that people’s quality of lives rests on the balance and joy between the personal and the professional, and the role oraganisations play in enhancing people’s professional experience. Every frame of this video tells a story of shared moments, traditions, and the unspoken bonds of friendship that tie us together.” 

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