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Kajaria Ply & Laminates unveils 'Magnificent 7' campaign showcasing India's iconic temples

It aims to emphasise how well the temples' architecture endured over hundreds of years.

Kajaria Ply & Laminates launched its latest social media campaign, 'Magnificent 7', as an extension of their festive celebrations ‘Desh ki Raunak’ considering the upcoming festivals like Maha Shivratri & Holi. Executed in collaboration with Sociostreet Advertising, the campaign aims to showcase the architectural splendour and history of India's iconic temples.

The campaign shall be taking viewers on a journey through the architectural wonders of India, spread across seven states covering our vast geography. By highlighting the richness and the craftsmanship which have stood the test of time, this campaign will be covering the Kailasa Temple, Kedarnath Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Kamakhya Temple and more. Each temple covered in the campaign is celebrated for its beauty, intricate history, and profound archaeological significance.

Through shot visuals and narratives, all viewers shall be visiting the ancient heritage in a new way and will find their interest reignited, which often hold long-forgotten stories and cultural legacies. By shedding light on the architectural splendour of India's temples, Kajaria Ply & Laminates hope to inspire a renewed appreciation for the country's rich cultural heritage.

Commenting on the conceptualisation for the campaign, Shyam Shekhawat, COO of Kajaria Ply & Laminates, emphasised that, "With this campaign, we aim to celebrate the timeless beauty and historical significance of these extraordinary structures. As a responsible & proud Indian brand, Kajaria Ply & Laminates will also stand the test of time and we share the responsibility of reigniting the much needed flair of our golden glory from ancient times towards the current generation."

Also, as part of the campaign, a series of posts and stories, each highlighting a different aspect of the temples' history, architecture, and cultural significance have been crafted. By leveraging the power of social media, the campaign aims to reach a wide audience and foster a deeper appreciation for India's architectural heritage.

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