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Kapiva Ayurveda and Tiger Shroff join forces

The collaboration aims to demystify Shilajit-led Ayurvedic solutions for Men.

Kapiva, a modern Ayurvedic solution company, has announced its collaboration with Tiger Shroff. Together, they will challenge misconceptions surrounding Shilajit, a mineral-rich resin and break free from the stereotypical taboos associated with it.  

This dynamic partnership aims to reshape perceptions of Ayurveda by spotlighting Shilajit’s versatile applications in muscle building, faster recovery, improved energy levels, better metabolism and enhanced joint health. By initiating this shift in focus from the outset, Kapiva and Tiger are committed to fostering a deeper understanding of this ayurvedic herb’s versatile applications. 

The latest ad film tackles the common trend of people opting for steroids to build muscles. It highlights the societal preference for shortcuts. It promotes a different approach by emphasising the effectiveness of natural products with clinically tested ingredients.

Kapiva's men's wellness category offers a comprehensive range of Shilajit-led products for fitness, immunity and wellness. They comprise clinically tested ingredients like natural testosterone-boosting Shilajit, stress-managing Ashwagandha, strength-enhancing Swarna Bhasma, metabolism-supporting Gokshura and muscle recovery-accelerating Black Musli

“Tiger, renowned for his athletic prowess and whose fitness journey has been followed by many over the years, has embraced Ayurveda as a key element in his personal health & fitness journey. This signifies the beginning of a perfect partnership, aimed at collaborating and reshaping the narrative surrounding Shilajit, moving towards a more informed and nuanced understanding for our consumers", stated Shantanu,  co-founder, Kapiva. 

Shroff added, “I firmly believe that Ayurveda is the missing link we all need to bridge the gap between traditional wisdom and modern well-being. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction, being the one entrusted with the task of educating the audience, and to contribute to their well-being. It’s truly a privilege to be part of a brand that shares my love for health and well-being."

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