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Katrina Kaif rejoins Etihad Airways as Brand Ambassador

She first became the airline's brand ambassador in 2010.

Katrina Kaif's social media post had fans guessing, but now the secret is out. She is the brand ambassador for Etihad Airways, and their collaboration has been reignited.

Katrina Kaif's connection to Etihad Airways is more than just an endorsement; they have been partners since 2010, when she became the airline's first brand ambassador. She starred in ads during her first tenure that showed the airline's dedication to providing excellent and luxurious air travel experiences. Her charisma and appeal make her a good choice to represent Etihad again, particularly as the airline refocuses on passenger experience, innovation, and sustainability. Katrina's presence not only amplifies the airline's reputation but also strengthens its position as a preferred choice for travelers globally, given her significant influence in both Indian and international markets.

Katrina Kaif's reunion with Etihad Airways as their brand ambassador marks the rekindling of a successful partnership. It promises to elevate the airline's image and passenger experience to new heights, all while capturing the imagination of travellers worldwide. As we look forward to seeing this dynamic partnership unfold, one thing is certain–for luxury travel, Katrina Kaif and Etihad Airways are a match made in heaven.

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