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Katrina Kaif stars in newest Zomato ad, thanking delivery personnel

After Hrithik Roshan, now Katrina Kaif stars in a Zomato ad, where she's trying to appreciate the person delivering pizza to her doorstep.

It seems somewhat unbelievable that the slim and svelte Katrina Kaif is ordering pizza - but this is the premise of the latest Zomato ad. The actress is seen ordering pizza in the latest ad, and thanking the delivery boy for being the first to show up at her party.

This is the latest ad which appears to be a continuation of the first ad featuring actor Hrithik Roshan. The two ads have a similar theme - while the delivery boy is happy to be recognised by the star, duty calls and he leaves, to deliver the next order.

This seems to be an attempt to thank the delivery personnel for the work they do, come rain or sunshine. It remains to be seen if either of these actors will actually order food on Zomato, or willingly offer to take a selfie like that, but we will leave those details to creative imagination.

The timing of these ads is close on the heels of comedian Danish Sait playing Zomato delivery boy for a day. The video that Sait did received a lot of flak and he issued an unconditional apology on social media in response. In response, the video was taken down from all of Sait's social media handles. However, it continues to exist on Zomato's official YouTube page.

The video was a paid collaboration between two parties and, hence, Zomato was additionally criticised for misrepresenting how the delivery personnel felt in reality. In the past, Zomato has acknowledged that the delivery men and women play an important part of its delivery fleet, and have starred in important roles in past communication - especially since the COVID pandemic struck.

Recently, Zomato had released a video in which two delivery personnel try their hand at eating fancy food from different parts of the world. The duo is seen eating sushi, hummus, risotto, etc, and reacting to the flavours for the first time as they compare it to the Indian food they eat at home.