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Kenstar launches #InspiredByMoms campaign to honour mothers nationwide

As part of the #InspiredByMoms initiative, Kenstar invites mothers to contribute their ideas for the next generation of Kenstar products.

This Mother’s Day, Kenstar rolled out a campaign titled #InspiredByMoms, designed to celebrate the unwavering spirit and inspirational role of mothers in every facet of life. In an innovative twist, the campaign features a video that highlights how mothers are the true inspirations, even behind Kenstar’s trusted line of home appliances.

As part of the #InspiredByMoms initiative, Kenstar is inviting mothers from across India to contribute their ideas for the next generation of Kenstar products. Starting with mixers and microwaves, the campaign will leverage social media platforms to gather feedback and suggestions directly from mothers on the features they wish to see, ensuring their needs are at the forefront of product development.

Neha Khullar, head of marketing at Kenstar mentioned that, "This Mother’s Day, we are not just celebrating mothers, but actively engaging them in a dialogue to co-create products that truly resonate with their daily lives and needs. We believe this collaborative approach will lead to innovations that are both meaningful and practical."

Kenstar aims to make this campaign a cornerstone of its product development process, underlining the importance of user-centered design and acknowledging the critical role mothers play in shaping consumer preferences and needs. To participate, mothers can share their ideas and suggestions on Kenstar’s official social media page.

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