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Kerala Tourism wants you to visit the state and breathe in a change of air

As the year comes to an end, the state is encouraging people to visit it, not just for a change of scenery, but also to spend some quality time amidst nature.

The year is coming to an end and there’s hardly anyone who’s unhappy about it. 2020 gave us the Australian bush fires, the COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, which are nearing an end.

Many of us looked upwards towards our gods for direction and hope, especially during lockdowns; a time when most of humanity was clueless as to what the future will bring.

And in what seems to be a fitting end to this troubling year, ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala has released an ad urging people to visit the state and breathe in a change of air.

In this 59-second ad by Stark Communications, an advertising agency, we see the concerns of a mother when her family heads off to a vacation amid the pandemic. “… Stop touching things,” she instructs her daughter at the airport. One has to take precautions. As the family reaches Kerala and begins to travel to the hills and greens, we see the mother’s worry disappear…

“The new year is at hand. It’s time to discover new vistas and viewpoints. It’s time to step out into the endless green valleys, refreshing waterfalls and mist-covered mountains of Kerala. It’s time for a #changeofair,” reads the ad’s YouTube description.

Stark Communications has also released three print posters for its ‘A Change of Air’ campaign. They were shot by Kapil Ganesh Photography for Kerala Tourism.


Agency: Stark Communications

Script: Shelton Pinheiro, Seetha Jayan

Creative direction: Shelton Pinheiro, Ajith Gopinat

Director: Vivek Thomas

Cinematographer: Rajeev Ravi

Account management: Anu Praveen, Sree Shanker

Producer: Ann Augustine

Editor: Sally

Music director: Deepak Alexander

Colourist: Vineeth

Production house: Miramar Films