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KFC partners with PepsiCo, launches Popcorn Nachos

Filmmaker Karan Johar features in the new KFC ad that promotes Chicken Popcorn and Doritos Nachos.

KFC has just launched Popcorn Nachos that brings together its Chicken Popcorn and Doritos Nachos offerings in one meal. The fast food chain is promoting this limited period offer via an ad featuring filmmaker Karan Johar.

The ad shows Johar comparing KFC's latest addition to an entertaining Bollywood movie.

Neha Vaziraney, senior brand manager, Lipton & national key accounts - global chains at PepsiCo, posted about the campaign on her LinkedIn profile, "We, at KFC India and PepsiCo, bring you the biggest news. Three most loved brands come together to delight consumers by incubating new age cult offerings from the house of KFC - one of our most cherished partner."

"The nation wants to know what's the news. So, we have curated an innovative #KFC #Popcorn & #Doritos Nachos bold offer, with a lot of dynamism... paired most intrinsically with Pepsi to make it more refreshing and fuzzier."

Added Moksh Chopra, chief marketing officer, KFC India, “A bit of crispy and crunch go a long way in inducing some excitement in daily routines. And, who better than celebrated artistes Karan Johar and (actor) Srinidhi Shetty, to reinforce the drama in KFC’s Popcorn Nachos, in their signature charismatic styles. With double the crunch and an interesting blend of flavours, drama lovers, let’s KFC!”

KFC launched another ad for its South Indian audiences that features Shetty.

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