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Kia India begins Sonet X-Line launch campaign to consolidate premium aspirational position of brand Sonet

The campaign highlights the intrinsic need of consumers to stand out, by owning exclusive products.

Kia India, one of the fastest growing carmakers in the country, has launched a new TVC, as part of its campaign for the Sonet X-Line, its latest product offering. The TVC is specifically designed to create anticipation for the range-topping Sonet X-Line trim. Contemplating on the car’s exclusive looks and flaunt factor, Kia India has positioned the Sonet X-Line as ‘So rare, you just can’t resist it’.

Sonet is the most aspirational compact SUV brand in its segment and with the X-Line, Kia India wants to take it one step ahead. Apart from the television commercial, this new campaign will also be extended to the outdoor and digital media.

The campaign illustrates that the Sonet X-Line is a car unlike any other seen on Indian roads and it surely makes a statement that will not go unnoticed. Consumers today do not wish to feel bound by circumstances; they always want to establish their presence and unique identity, and the Sonet X-Line aims to fulfil this consumer need.

Through this campaign, Kia India intends to reach out to customers who aren't afraid to express their originality and uniqueness among their peers. Kia India's communication narrative for the Sonet X-Line focuses on its consumer personas rather than product attributes and has the visual delight to break the clutter from the typical product centric auto advertising. It has elements that trigger consumer need of owning an exclusive product.

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