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Kia India unveils new campaign for Kia Sonet with Innocean India

The campaign leads the viewers on a mysterious adventure, capturing the essence of the wild.

Kia India has collaborated with Innocean India to introduce a campaign for the latest Kia Sonet, marking a vibrant revival of its 'wild by design' compact sport utility vehicle (CSUV).

The campaign titled as The Hunt, re-establishes the brand's wild identity in a new avatar. It aims to lead viewers on a journey through an everyday scenario, a date, but turns it into a hunt that leaves everyone guessing what the chase is leading up to till the very end.

The Hunt focuses to connect with the changing thoughts of new car buyers. It links the tough appeal of the new Sonet with the lifestyle of people who prefer unique things and don't follow typical trends.

Vijay Simha Vellanki, executive creative director, expressed, "A car launch offers an opportunity to captivate the audience. The campaign for the new Sonet is a testament to Kia's legacy of crafting not just car advertisements, but engaging and entertaining narratives. The Hunt embarks on an enigmatic quest, resonating with the urban thriller style, mirroring the Kia Sonet and its core audience."

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