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Kinnect creates ‘vigil aunty’ for HDFC Bank to warn people of scams

Former VJ Lola Kutty dons a saree and creates content to warn people of the different types of banking frauds.

Online transactions are becoming increasingly popular and banking is more accessible these days. Fraudsters are getting more creative too. To safeguard and warn people against these creative scams, Kinnect has created a new character for HDFC Bank's latest content venture - 'Vigil Aunty'.

The first episode tackles the issue of KYC fraud and features actor Shivaji Satam - who is best known for his role as ACP Pradyuman in the TV show C.I.D which aired on the channel SET India.

The ad was made by Kinnect and Boathouse Media was the production house. Kartikeya Tiwari, national creative director, Kinnect says that with this character, the aim is to create entertaining content that highlights different types of frauds and how to prevent them.

“Audiences can expect to see a wide variety of content which will often feature familiar faces from the influencer and celebrity world too. While the first episode with Mr Shivaji Satam focuses on a KYC fraud, VA’s list of frauds to tackle is a long one which will get spoken of in the coming days,” says Tiwari.

The campaign isn’t restricted to one style of content and it will see Vigil Aunty use all formats and styles to achieve her mission of #FreedomFromFrauds, adds Tiwari.

“While the first episode was a talk show format, we will see her mix up things with different styles of content. She will be keeping her audiences engaged on all platforms with aplomb. Don’t be surprised if you get VA’s content forwarded on WhatsApp from your relatives too. Vigil Aunty is actively present on WhatsApp to stay constantly in touch with audiences that may not be too active on social media,” he explains.

Tiwari lists a set of criteria the team had in mind before creating a character who could possibly create an impact and communicate the ways to stay safe while banking. These criteria included someone who was entertaining, yet relatable.

“The women in our society have always been that voice of caution and vigilance that the entire family or neighborhood listens to. A play on the word vigilante as ‘Vigil Aunty’ just gave us that final spark to bring this character to life. Then it was a very enjoyable exercise of writing the story of how Vineeta, a girl from Madurai, becomes Vigil Aunty,” says Tiwari.

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