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Kixx launches a new campaign highlighting the 'behtar resale value' by using the story of two friends

It emphasises the importance of choosing the right engine oil for a longer engine life and better resale value.

Kixx by GS Caltex, a player in the premium lubricant market, has unveiled its latest campaign titled, 'Kixx Engine Oil for #BetterResaleValue'. This campaign underscores the role of selecting the right engine oil for ensuring prolonged engine life and enhancing vehicle resale value.

The narrative at the heart of this campaign revolves around the friendship of Pradeep and Deepak. Their story, rich with life's unpredictability, serves as a backdrop to highlight the pivotal moments where making the right choices—like selecting the right engine oil—can significantly influence outcomes. This storytelling approach aims to create an emotional connection with the audience, emphasising the importance of informed decisions for better results.

Kixx Engine Oil, the focal point of the campaign, is positioned as a product that not only extends the life of a vehicle but also enhances its resale value. This product promise is crafted to appeal to vehicle owners who are keen on maintaining the longevity and performance of their bikes. The key message is clear: choosing Kixx Engine Oil translates to unmatched performance and durability, which are essential for any vehicle owner looking to maximise their resale value.

K Madhu Mohan, general manager- marketing, GS Caltex India, emphasised the company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. He stated, "At GS Caltex India, we understand the significance of choosing the right engine oil and how it impacts its resale value. With our new campaign, we aim to connect emotionally with our customers and emphasise how Kixx Engine Oil ensures the performance and longevity of their vehicles with better resale value." This statement reinforces the campaign's core message and highlights GS Caltex - Kixx dedication to delivering high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers.

The campaign strategically leverages storytelling to build an emotional connection with the audience. By focusing on relatable characters and real-life scenarios, GS Caltex aims to resonate with customers on a personal level, thereby strengthening brand loyalty. The emphasis on the benefits of Kixx Engine Oil is designed to persuade vehicle owners to choose a premium product that offers tangible long-term benefits.

'Kixx Engine Oil for #BetterResaleValue' is more than just a marketing campaign; it is a narrative that seeks to educate consumers on the importance of using high-quality engine oil. By doing so, GS Caltex India not only promotes its Kixx Engine Oil but also reinforces its position as a brand that prioritises customer satisfaction and vehicle longevity.

DVC credits: 

  • Creative Team- Rajeev Dusa, Rishabh Shrivastava

  • Creative Director: Rakesh Thakar

  • Celebrity- No celebrity

  • TVC/DVC- Digital and Radio campaign

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